In all ages and cultures man is looking for something beautiful in his existence ... something that we often express in being HAPPY and being healthy ... ... but consciously or unconsciously we are actually and ultimately looking for the real meaning of our existence , .. a meaning that goes beyond the familiar and the everyday ... something that is bigger and of higher order ....!

Salama Ayurveda is an inn in the middle of the Atlas Mountains where people can go for: peace, relaxation and giving meaning ..,. These mountains offer an overwhelming piece of nature in combination with a traditional culture in which good practices of healthy food, contact with the earth, a sense of mysticism, and a spiritual connection are tangible.

Our passion is helping people in the search for the real meaning of life ... by putting together special stay and travel programs in which: peace, quiet, relaxation, meaning and contact with the earth and with ourselves .. top stand, these elements can help lead to the development of your own consciousness to continue on the road in that quest ..!.
Be inspired and come to Salama Ayurveda for a special and unforgettable experience. Whether that is individual or in group, at Salama Ayurveda, the organization is in trusted, experienced and expert hands.

Salama Ayurveda wants to inspire people through spiritual travel and stay programs to become aware of their own existence, and to live with attention to find the right balance between body, mind and nature. Those who invest in themselves can develop into a happy person who comes to the world lovingly. Through the right balance, the energy flows and space is released: inspiration, love and creativity.

A state in which a person feels happy, healthy, relaxed and eternal is an aspiration of every living being. Anyone who knows how to connect wisdom and knowledge about the meaning of life and health gives meaning to life and clears the way for a healthier and enjoyable work and life. That is the vision of Salama Ayurveda.

Personal attention is of utmost importance to us. We regard passion for the profession as a matter of course. Anyone who has no passion for his profession will only do his job. The Salama Ayurveda team is always looking for the added value: careful personal attention, uniqueness, authenticity and perfection. Our staff meet four important criteria: attention, pure being, love and passion. The experience of staying with Salama Ayurveda will be a lasting memory ...

When you stay in Salama Ayurveda you will experience the beauty of nature like no other. From our 'green' background, attention to the vulnerability of our earth is self-evident. We realize, however, that every traveler has an unavoidable influence on his travel destination: on the environment, nature and local culture. We strive to minimize the negative effects and to stimulate the positive effects without compromising your travel pleasure when compiling our travel and entertainment program. Our mission is also to contribute to the development of the adjacent villages.,

Our mission is also to contribute to the development of the adjacent village of Ait ben Brahim with more than 65 families,

Khalid Boukhima
General Manager


What a rest and space in this beautiful place in the beautiful mountains of Morocco! A fairytale environment, where you are spoiled by lovely people with a very nice feeling for the balance between giving attention and offering peace. And if you want to explore the area, Achmed is ready to take you safely to another place and pick you up. We made a beautiful trip to Ait Ben Haddou, and on the way enjoyed the ever-changing landscape and life in the Berber villages. Afternoon Marrakech was also great experience. Thank you so much that my mother and I had such a wonderful time (5 nights). Lobke

  • Body&Mind Arrangement I

    €350 per person
    Incl. transfer, 3 nights full board, 1 walk, 1 hammam, 1 massage, 1 foot bath massage
  • Body&Mind Arrangement II

    €750 per person
    Incl. transfer, 5 nights full board, 2 hikes, 1 hammam, 2 massage, 1 foot bath massage
  • Body&Mind Arrangement III

    €730 per person
    Incl. transfer, 7 nights full board, 2 hikes, 2 hammam, 2 massages, 1 foot bath massage


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